Radha Singh Hazlet: First-Time Home Buyer Tips

Radha Singh Hazlet: First-Time Home Buyer Tips

Radha Singh Hazlet: First-Time Home Buyer Tips

Hi, I’m Radha Singh, NJ local. One of the things I love most about being a real estate professional is that I get to meet so many amazing people from different backgrounds. Imagine, for a short time, you’re invited to be part of other people’s lives and during a major milestone at that—buying a house!

As buying a home is often an emotional decision, it’s best for buyers to come in prepared so they can be objective. For first-time home buyers, a bit of research and preparation on what to expect can help calm their nerves. Here are great tips for first-time home buyers during the shopping phase:

1. Settle on a price range – In a perfect world, everyone would have the opportunity to live in their dream house. While reality may not be as kind, this doesn’t mean the task is impossible either. More than anyone, your real estate agent wants to help you find that house you’d love to come home to and raise a family in and the hunt begins with a realistic price range.

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2. Always request a viewing before deciding – Looking at listings online is meant to give you an idea, not the entire picture. Never commit to any property without having seen it in person first. Chances are, you may not feel the same way about that five-bedroom house with a small swimming pool and tennis court as you did when you saw it on Craigslist for an unbelievable price. This is also why you have a real estate agent representing you; he/she will always have your best interests.

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3. Strike up a conversation with the locals – While you’re out viewing, if there’s a chance to ask the locals what the neighborhood is like, grab the opportunity. Not only will you learn information that even your real estate agent might be unable to provide, but you’re also potentially meeting your new neighbors; and making friends is always a good thing in a new neighborhood.

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