Radha Singh Talks About Why You Should Prioritize Lead Generation

Radha Singh Talks About Why You Should Prioritize Lead Generation

Radha Singh Talks About Why You Should Prioritize Lead Generation

Hi, I’m Radha Singh, NJ resident. I believe no other profession gets as much bad rap as real estate agents do. The long hours, the cold calling, the irregular paychecks—it sounds like the worst way to earn a living, especially for those who have responsibilities like being the breadwinner in the family.

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It’s a tale you’ve heard one too many times before; from a friend, a friend of a friend—who knows—you may be experiencing it right now, and you’re looking to the Internet for help, hence you somehow found yourself on this blog. The downsides of this career path can easily pile up and cause one to throw in the towel and give up, and just search for a different career path. In my opinion, the most important task that real estate agents should focus on is lead generation, whether they’re in their first or tenth year in the business.

Countless books and gurus have talked about, discussed, and fleshed out the ins and outs of lead generation. It’s a topic that’s been beaten to death, but it only shows how important it truly is to a real estate agent’s work. Some say that the key to being successful is to be persuasive, or to develop a silver tongue, but if you think about it, the foundation of any transaction is really built on trust. So how can a real estate agent possibly build trust if he/she doesn’t go out there and actually build it with others?

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Being a real estate agent involves hard work. Don’t be lured into complacency just because you have flexible work hours. Establish a routine and dedicate at least a couple of hours every day for generating leads. In an hour, strive to make 10 to 20 calls. Set appointments. Prepare yourself for constant rejections, but that’s why the income ceiling of this career path is so high—the rewards are for those who are willing to work hard.

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